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Your All-In-One Online Notebook, Calendar and Assistant

Life’s busy, for everyone – from industry professionals to working mothers, everyone is always on-the-go and could use help in managing their life. How many times have you forgotten an important appointment, lost a contact from your phone – or even forgot to pick up the milk on the way home? What if you lose your phone, or forget to bring an important file for a presentation?

Nexuspad is different from other online calendars and organizer applications – it’s designed with busy individuals in mind and seamlessly integrates secure online storage, an online notebook with helpful sticky notes, and a flexible online planner; all into one robust application. So no matter who you are and what you do – from picking the kids up at soccer practice to managing a department of technology professionals, and everything in between – you can manage your contacts, appointments and keep track of important notes with ease.

A Powerful Online Planner with Peace of Mind

Nexuspad is designed with every situation in mind and brings powerful tools to the table that many basic calendar organizer applications don’t. All of your information – contacts, files, notes, and more – is securely stored in the cloud with Nexuspad, allowing you to access your critical information from anywhere in the world. Lose your computer or phone? Nexuspad makes sure you don’t lose your mind, either – simply login to the Nexuspad application from your web browser or download our secure iPhone application (with Android support coming soon!) to regain all your contacts, files, notes and more. Never worry about a crashed hard drive, lost memory card or broken phone again with Nexuspad.

Nexuspad was also built with the knowledge that your life doesn’t always revolve around you, and that’s why we offer an online calendar and organizer application that makes it easier than ever to share your knowledge, schedule and information with the people who rely on you. Our calendar application makes it super easy to send appointments and schedules to colleagues, family and friends – making sure that everyone’s in the loop. Your securely stored files in the Nexuspad online dropbox can be sent with the click of a button to anyone in the world – making sharing documents and important data a breeze. Need to share contact information with a friend or co-worker? That’s simple too – just send with a few clicks in Nexuspad. The ease of sharing and collaborating makes Nexuspad the perfect tool for small businesses, families, teams and friends.

Everyone – from small businesses to saxophone players – could use more organization in their life so they can save time and focus on the things that matter. Download the Nexuspad application today, and start on your way to simplifying and organizing your life to ensure that you never miss an important meeting – or forget to pick up the milk, or forget your great aunt’s phone number – again!