Organize and remember

NexusPad is for storing your contacts, notes, events/tasks, photos and bookmarks, all in one place.
It keeps your important information handy for personal or professional use.

How to use

NexusPad is free to use and you have 1GB cloud storage for your content.

Web application

Login to from any browser and start using the web application.

Mobile applications

Browser add-ons

Use these browser extension and add-on for easy bookmarking.

Why the free tool

NexusPad is a personal project that grew into open source software. Other similar products exist, but NexusPad's concept is to be independent, simple and yet awesome.

We handle large amount of information everyday, and it's a challenge to stay focus and and find time to collect and reflect. NexusPad aims to be a simple and quiet place just to do that.

The information you store in NexusPad belongs to you and it won't be shared with anyone else.

If you think the tool is valuable and would like to help on hosting cost, you are welcome to donate.

Stay in touch

I'd love to hear any questions or feedback from you!

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Forums and Blog

Check out the Blog. bug report, feature requests and productivity discussions.

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Legal stuff

Terms of use

Anything you store on NexusPad is yours and we work really hard to keep it secure and protected. Your use of service must be in accordance with our terms. Read our terms before using.


We do not collect or share your personal information. We do use cookie. Our privacy policy can be found here.